Saturday, September 01, 2018

Snarky Puppy - "Thing of Gold"

From the live DVD groundUP, recorded and filmed on December 16, 2011, at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn, NY, featuring Michael League (bass); Shaun Martin, Bill Laurance, Cory Henry, and Justin Stanton (keyboards); Jay Jennings and Maz (trumpets); Chris Bullock (saxophone); Andy Hunter (trombone); Mark Lettieri, Bob Lanzetti and Chris McQueen (guitars); Nate Werth, Keita Ogawa and Marcelo Woloski (percussion); Robert "Sput" Seawright (drums); Zach Brock and Maria Im (violins); Roni Gan (viola); and Jody Redhage (cello).

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